The Loft has undergone a full refurbishment. Having been shut throughout Covid, its new owner was delighted to have re-opened this family friendly restaurant. The Loft opened its doors on 18th November 2021. It was originally built in 1920 as a theatre house. This iconic property has always been an entertainment venue. This was mainly for the residents of Street.

Local community

During lockdown, the former manager, Mark Tobin, bought the business. He had a desire to retain the property’s core values. He wanted to offer something unique. Also, he wanted it to be special for all ages. Consequently, part of the re-branding process was to ensure that it was a family friendly restaurant. And most importantly that it remained at the heart of the local community.

The Loft is a wonderful party destination. It offers great food to all palettes. Not to mention all budgets too! It is available for private hire from Wednesday to Saturday.  Similarly, it is also available for daytime hire. Please visit the contact us page with your enquiry.

A full range of menus are available. These can be tailor made to suit any event. From a light finger buffet to a five-course banquet.

Contact Name:

Mark Tobin


15 Leigh Road,

Street, Somerset,

BA16 0HA.



The Loft


01458 446885

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